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curly q cuties review

Today's combined review is for a make your own Monster from Curly Q Cuties.
Please note this is a review only, not a giveaway.

Shhhhh! I have a secret. You see that cute kid over there snuggling that adorable monster? That is his monster and he doesn't even know it! His older brother designed it for him, colors and all, for his birthday. But his birthday isn't until the end of May so I snuck that monster in there and tucked it under his arm to take a picture. Then on his birthday we will give him the picture first, and then the monster!

Although really, these are so cute there is nothing monsteresqe about them. My 8 year old had a ball designing this for his brother and when we got it in the mail I was excited too because it was so cute and so well made! I want to buy one of these for every single kid I know! And I'll admit, I was a little jealous when my son was designing it, it looked so fun I wanted to do it! Didn't you have fun designing yours Katie?"

"Oh man, did I! I could spend all day designing monsters! Okay, maybe not all day, but it was super fun and easy. And I was very surprised by the quality, it's made with a nice soft, thick fabric, the stitching is beautiful (my jealousy comes shining through), and the colors are vibrant. The only thing I didn't like was the huge tag on the side. It would be nice if they could make that smaller so it's not in the way.

I made mine for one of the new additions to my family, (my mother-in-law just adopted 3 kids!), my sister-in-law Amber. She is 6, so I knew the Tooth Fairy pillow would be perfect for her.

In fact, it was so perfect that she informed me that before I had even made it, she had gone outside and told me that she wanted it. And that that's how I knew she would love it. Needless to say, she loves it and is super excited to put her teeth in the little pocket in the back the next time she loses a tooth. In the meantime she walks around hugging it and feeding it rocks. Because aparently that's what Tooth Fairy Monsters eat."

Gotta have a monster for your little monster? I mean, child? Then we recommend Curly Q Cuties. There are so many different designs and choices, so you know you child will get exactly what they want. Head on over and check them out now!

Check out their Fairy tooth-maker and their collectibles like Mr. Happy, Dizzy and Splotch shown below!

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Theo said...

I love love LOVE this review!

Katie Lyons said...

Thanks Theo! :)

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