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dreamsacks inc. review

Today's Review is for DreamSacks Inc.!

"To provide wonderfully nurturing natural products while consciously caring for people and our environment."

DreamSacks is an amazing company dedicated to manufacturing eco-friendly clothing, bedding, nightwear, and products. Their products are made from natural fibers such as bamboo, soy, silk and cashmere, and the dyes they use to color these products are AZO free (meaning devoid of harmful chemicals). DreamSacks aims at being environmentally conscious (check out the electric truck they use to shuffle between their office and warehouse) as well as a fair company. The nice part about DreamSacks is that although it operates in China, the owners go out of their way to ensure that their employees receive quality benefits, and that their warehouses are not turned into sweatshops. I think it's a good sign when a business takes care of its employees and takes environmental repercussions into heavy consideration!

I was elated to have received a BambooDreams Kimono Wrap from DreamSacks. Not only is this robe soft, stretchy, and made from breathable material, but the color "Wisteria" (a mix of lavendar and gray) is so whimsical. My only qualm about the Kimono wrap is wearing it in public --not because I would be embarrassed but because the robe is a little big on me so I will be mistaken for a Hogwarts wizard (not that I'd mind). (I definitely recommend purchasing the robe a size smaller if you're between sizes!) The thing I love most about this robe is how lightweight it is yet how warm it keeps me. I feel as though I'm floating on a cushiony cloudy whenever I slip it on. It honestly feels refreshing against my skin! You better believe the fact that I will not be leaving this glorious Kimono robe behind when I travel. It will conveniently fit into my suitcase and keep me cozy and comfortable wherever I am! :)

Other beautiful products from DreamSacks:

a. Original DreamSack (perfect for wary hotel sleepers)

b. BambooDreams Comforter Cover (in Rain - what a lovely color!)

c. BambooDreams Athena Tunic (in Wisteria -so cute!)

To find out more about DreamSacks,
sign up for their newsletter and/or visit their main site!

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2 Thoughts:

Katie Lyons said...

Theo, you are so dang cute! Love the picture of you cuddling in your kimono, lol :)

Theo said...

haha! thanks, Katie! this is like my version of a baby blankie!

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