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essential eco-friendly toys

essential eco-friendly toys

This is a Guest Post from the people over at Toys & Games Online

Now more than ever homeowners are finding new ways to incorporate the wonders of green design into their space and there isn’t a better place to start than in our children’s nursery. Eco-friendly toys, stuffed animals, and play sets provide an entertaining experience for our kids, help to protect the environment that we live in, and teach children at an early age the importance of reducing carbon footprint. Whether you’re passing along hand-me-down toys from your own household or are investing in a collection of toys and games made from reusable materials, you are helping reduce the need for newly manufactured products and potentially harmful chemicals used in a variety of products in the market today.

While you’re in the market for an eco-friendly toy collection, consider products that are made from sustainable materials and incorporate organic cotton in their construction. These materials can be found in a number of stuffed animal collections, crib bedding sets, and play sets perfect for a number of children’s age groups. Also, keep in mind that reclaimed toys provided by family or friends, thrift stores, or flea markets all are deemed as having a green design as they are being recycled and are given a new life. Just be sure to properly clean these items before passing them onto your children. The idea of using natural, safe materials in the items that our family is exposed to the most is very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and upbringing.

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