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Fancy Fortune Cookies Review

fancy fortune cookies review

Today's combined review is for Flavored Fortune Cookies
(this is just the review, to enter the giveaway go HERE)

So scrumptious!

Ask most people what the funnest part of ordering Chinese food is and they'll mention the fortune cookies that arrive at the conclusion of the meal. Well, the fun just got funner with Fancy Fortune Cookies.

With fourteen flavors to choose from (not including the chocolate-dipped option), bright colors, various sizes (check out the giant one) and up to five personalized fortunes/messages in each order, Fancy Fortune Cookies are a great and affordable idea for party favors, fundraisers, and holiday greetings. Not only is actress Jennifer Love-Hewitt a big fan of them but so is Oprah, who has used these gourmet cookies to promote her wonderful cause "Oprah's Angel Network." The best part of all is that the company bakes, wraps, and ships your order on the same day to ensure tastiness and freshness!

"What thrilled me about the generous box of cookies the Fancy Fortune company sent me, was that:

a. Not a single cookie was broken and they all miraculously smelled fresh.
b. The autumnal colors --orange, red, green, gold, brown -- left me chipper.
c. The taste. True, some flavors did not tickle my taste buds (i.e. the orange-flavored one) but I loved the cherry and cappuccino cookies.
d. The fortunes. Just like every fortune cookie before them, these did not disappoint. The first cookie I cracked open revealed the following wisdom: Your principals matter more to you than any money or success. I sure hope so! :)

Overall, I can't wait for another major holiday to roll around so that I can order some personalized ones and hand them out to local friends."

"This is one of those reviews where I could almost copy Theo word for word. When we got our cookies we were so pleased that they were not broken and they smelt and tasted so yummy! Well, except for the cappuccino. My family is not big on coffee flavors, too bad we weren't closer and couldn't have switched them up with you, Theo! When we brought them out to eat, my brother and his family were here so everyone got to try some. The kids would pass them around and read the fortunes to each other. We had a lot of fun and before I knew it, all but a couple of cappuccino's were gone! And I hadn't even taken a picture yet! So short of taking a picture of our bellies, you'll just have to rest assured that they were yummy in our tummies!"

"I fully agree with Sharla and Theo on the yumminess of these cookies! I was incredibly surprised by the full flavor each cookie had. The cherry tasted just like my favorite cherry lollipops that my mom always has an abundance of. And my favorite flavor was the vanilla, it tasted so much better than any other fortune cookie I've had. I can't even imagine how wonderful it tastes with chocolate on it......I better stop thinking about it or I might start drooling on my laptop.

I wasn't too keen on the orange either, though my husband absolutely loved them. I'm just not into orange flavored treats. And though we didn't like the Cappucino, my sister-in-law and her husband loved them.

I can definitely see why so many celebrities go to Fancy Fortune Cookies. They are fresh, flavorful, and when you get to personalize them, super fun! And they are a great price for the quality you are getting. I'm hooked now, so I will definitely be going to them for future parties and events!"

If you want to add some fun to a party or celebration you are having, we wholeheartedly recommend going to Fancy Fortune Cookies. They will be the hit of the party!


Additional flavors from Fancy Fortune Cookies:

Raspberry Fortune Cookies, Cappuccino Fortune Cookies,
and Vanilla Fortune Cookies

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5 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Since pink is my daughter favorite color I would love to try the raspberry but for me I would love any of them.

Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com said...

I just received some yesterday and LOVE them.

Stefani @ Mommy Enterprises

Theo said...

Ahh..lol we could definitely have swapped, Sharla! :)

Helen said...

The Rasberry Cookies look great & refreshing.

cmwheeler said...

Wow .... these look so totally yummy!

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