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fun fun fun

There's been a couple sites that I've wanted to share with you guys that I know you'll like (because like me, you guys can't get enough free stuff! But honestly, who doesn't like free?)

Panasonic has a Living in HD forum, and every day in June, they are giving away a camera, video camera, or BluRay player!
Just go join the forum and enter for these last few days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about that Lumix DMC-TS1!

You know how magazines offer sweepstakes all the time? Well this site features all the sweepstakes from Women's Day, ELLE, Premiere, and other HFMUS sites (they have so many going on right now it's ridiculous. I want the Mitsubish 40" Flat Screen myself.....)

Laptops For Flat Tops
AllAmericanDirect.com is "running a national campaign to give 2 laptops with webcams away every 2 months to a deserving home that has an immediate family member serving in the armed forces overseas." So if you have a family member overseas, go to the link below and submit a 400 word essay on why you should win!

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Anonymous said...

This would be a great giveaway to receive. I've always had an interest in photography, and would love to be able to video my son's basketball games.


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