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gelpro review

Today's review is for a 20"x36" Basketweave GelPro Mat in black

GelPro is a fabulous company that makes gorgeous, anti-fatigue floor mats for your home. Their mats are made to help reduce foot pain, lower back pain, pain associated with arthritis, plantar fasciitis, as well as diabetes. And they offer several styles, colors, and sizes for you to choose from!

I was so excited to take my GelPro mat for a test drive and see if it really works. When I first got it, the initial things I noticed were the weight (not super heavy, but heavy enough to realize this is a good quality mat that is made to last), the beautiful dark color, and the overall attractiveness of the mat. Even in my 70s retro kitchen it looks good! (It actually made my kitchen look better, which I thought impossible)

Then I stood on it and instantly was loving the soft comfy-ness of the mat. Once I got past my introduction, it was time to get down business. In using my mat for a few weeks, I definitely noticed that my feet hurt a lot less while doing my dishes. I actually didn't realize that standing on my hard kitchen floor was causing me pain in my heel, but it was. While using this mat, I didn't have any. And I can't help thinking, I needed this while working at Orange Julius, 8 months pregnant, standing at the counter for hours at a time. (That wasn't fun) This would have helped my lower back pain so much.

Once I was done with my test drive, I just had to give it to my grandma who has arthritis, back pain, foot pain, the works. I just know this will help her out. Yes, I wanted to keep it for myself, and ended up keeping it longer than I was planning on because I couldn't give it up; but I knew my grandma needs it more than I do. And as soon as I hear her verdict, I'll update this review so you all can see her thoughts on it.

I definitely recommend these mats to anyone that wants to be more comfortable while doing dishes, laundry, cooking, anything really. And even if you don't have pain, they look fabulous and really add some pizazz to your kitchen (or bathroom, laundry room, etc). So head on over to GelPro and check out all the great styles to choose from. Trust me, you won't regret getting one of these!

Here's a few other fab styles and colors:
(click on pic to go to product page)

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15 Thoughts:

KewteePie said...

This mat is by far the best I've seen yet. Ever deal with very tired legs after preparing an elaborate meal?

okbarbie5 said...

I really liked the Striated in Moss. This mat looks very comfortable!! Thanks

ethnically ambiguous said...

I used to use something similar to this when I worked the registers at H&M. wonderful things I never really thought about bringing the idea home...thanks for the idea

Anonymous said...

This looks very interesting. As I have several "back" issues, this might help, with pain, while I'm standing still in the kitchen (dishes, cooking, etc.)


stacey said...

Those are really nice. I like the look of them!

Tammigirl said...

I'd be especially interested in hearing how this mat is for her feet, lower back, and hips since these are my problem areas.

Mimi said...

This would be the perfect mat for my husband who is stands on his feet for great lengths of time when he is working on photographs in the darkroom (he also is diabetic and this may be beneficial for him).

cwalker said...

You should give one of these away!

Peggy said...

I love the basketweave look. Best of all, it might improve my cooking! (At least help with my attitude..haha!)

cranepuffin said...

Basketweave is my favorite. Love the espresso and hazelnut colors!

Anonymous said...

These really do look cushy! Adding it to my wish list of things I'd like to get.


Anonymous said...

I think they'd work for my back and thigh pains after long hours of standing and walking. Thanks for the awesome product!

forgivendreams at yahoo dot com

juau4 said...

I'm not seeing an official entry form and I would Love a chance to win one of these fabulous, comfy looking mats. They're so good looking; and just look soothing to stand on.

judy7885 at gmail dot com

Katie Lyons said...

Hi Judy,
This is just a review, actually :( Sorry! Wish I could be offering this to you guys as a giveaway too. Hopefully in the future, though :)

Anonymous said...

$200 is a bit much for my budchet don

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