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jillie willie review

Today's review is for an apron from Jillie Willie designs!

Isn't this apron adorable?

A few weeks back I received the "Baby Doll" apron {ARV$35.50} from Jillie Willie. Upon removing the apron from its packaging, I immediately was smitten with it. The apron looked so whimsical, with its frills, ruffles, and sheer floral design, that I was hesitant about wearing it around the kitchen, for fear of sullying it. (Thankfully though, it's easily washable!)

What I love most about this comfortable yet stylish Jillie Willie apron, is that it combines an undeniable nostalgic essence with an eye-poppoing, contemporary spin! (A Laura Ingalls meets Cyndi Lauper sort of twist.) A lot of her products seem to feature this duality. The one thing that initially set me off about some of the aprons though was the super large pockets in the front. I just thought they were ruining the symmetry of the apron by hiding the bright, beautiful patterns behind them. However, I learned that these pockets serve as cell phone compartments and this innovative idea has grown on me.

It's definitely considerate and progressive of Jillie Willie to design products that incorporate all aspects of a busy woman's life. Overall, with their practical additions, generational appeal, affordability, and girlish fun, Jillie Willie aprons and accessories are wonderfully delicious!

Here's additional information on Jillie Willie aprons:

"All of the Jillie Willie products are a modern interpretation of an old idea. The first Jillie Willie apron "Handcart Girl" was designed by taking a ruffle from a pioneer apron and a ruffle from her mothers apron and merging yesterday and today together in a legacy of love, that transforms the old into the modern."

More scrumptious selections from Jillie Willie:

c. Throwing the Perfect Party by Jill Williams (aka Jillie Willie)

Now head on over and check out Jillie Willie's shop!

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3 Thoughts:

Jennifer said...

That is adorable!

Chrissy said...

Cute apron!

Sharla said...

How cute! And that picture of you is just adorable Theo! What I would give for that dark hair of yours....

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