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kiss my face review

Today's combined review is for Potent & Pure Facial Care system from Kiss My Face!
Such attractive packaging but wait until you smell these --muy delicioso!
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Kiss My Face is one of those companies that has been around for a long time (since the 1980s) but you'll never see their logo on an obnoxious billboard or on every magazine cover. Launched in the 1980s by two well-intentioned vegetarians, Kiss My Face seems to keep a low profile --or least they try. They are too amazing to get lost into oblivion. Word of mouth praise and admirable customer loyalty is what fosters this amazing company's prominence and reputation. You know you're a respected beauty company when people can't stop gushing about your wonderful skin care products! From toothpaste to sunscreen to lip balms to moisturizes, Kiss My Face provides customers with products free of artificial colors, parabens, and animal testing. Overall, with a focus on organic, natural, and eco-friendly beauty products, Kiss My Face has swept many people away with its commitment to quality facial and body care products.

"We strive to bring you the best nature has to offer—never at the expense of our planet, employees or values—but with honesty, humor and style." - Kiss My Face

"Healthy. Organic. Sensational smells. Positive Results - my experience with Kiss My Face's Potent and Pure line. Although the results have not been drastic, they have been great. For the past three weeks, I have used these products on a daily basis. My skin, since that first week, has witnessed fewer breakouts and looks so smooth.

The only product that I was not too crazy about was the Breakout Botanical Acne Gel because whenever I applied it near my brows or upper cheek area, my eyes stung quite a bit from the powerful tea leaf base. (Still, it helped clear up any small breakouts so that's a plus!) My favorite products by far: Jojoba & Mint Facial Scrub (my skin was tingling pleasantly afterward), Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer (hands down, the best moisturizer I have ever used), and the Ester C Serum (rejuvenates tired skin and the orange ingredient is tantalizing)!"

"I know exactly what you mean about the Acne Gel tingling too much around the eyes! It made my eyes water. So I just use very little if I need to use it around the eyes, and now it's fine. I have to say, I was very impressed with this line too. I usually expect natural products to work okay, but not this good! And, even though they are in small bottles, a little goes a LONG way. I think these will last me quite a while.

My skin has never been bad, I breakout once a month, have some slight uneven coloring, but nothing bad. But I diligently used these products every day for a few weeks to see what it can do. Want the truth? Everytime I look in a mirror now I marvel at how much more even my skin tone is. I love it! (so maybe the downside of these products is that it gives you some vanity. I think I can live with that, lol)

And I know I'm young, but I've been starting to notice some fine lines around my eyes. (I know, I'm probably the only one who noticed) and I do think the Ester C Serum is helping those go away. It's hard to say, though, because I am young. But I think I see an improvement there.

Aside from all the other things that Theo mentioned (which I was surprised she said a lot of the things I was going to!), I have to also agree with the smell being absolutely amazing. Each product has it's own beautiful smell, that smells completely natural. So my face smells so good after using these. Very kissable! :)"

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