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manhatten toy review

Today's review is for a Baby Stella doll from Manhatten Toy! {$30}

As you can see, my niece Natesa loves this doll :) She of course, had to hug on it and give it kisses as soon as she got it. Now she loves to carry it around and pretend she's a mommy. I absolutely love being able to give her toys that she adores, which I will be sure to remind her of as she gets older. (I've gotta be the favorite Aunt somehow!)

Aside from the fact that Natesa loves this doll, I was diggin' it as well. I was pretty surprised by it, actually. (I wasn't expecting it to be as fab as it is) Here are the features I liked:

- All the fabric used for this doll is super soft and plush, making it oh-so cuddly :)
- The stitching is beautiful, it's definitely a high quality doll
- The doll has a cute, chubby tummy with a belly button! So adorable!
- The pacifier attaches to the dolls mouth magnetically, which is pretty cool

The only thing I didn't like was that the pacifier wasn't attached to the shirt or something with a "pacifier clip", so the child doesn't lose it. Knowing Natesa, it's probably already lost, lol.

Other than that, I was very happy with the quality of this doll. I'm sure any little girl would flip to have her :)

If you want to get a Baby Stella, or even some other really cool toys (Manhatten Toy is filled with really fun, imaginative, and unique toys that any kid would love!), I suggest you head on over to Manhatten Toy and get to shopping!

Here's just a few of the other fab toys they carry!
(click on pic to go to product page)

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