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Name Your Tune Review

name your tune review

Today's combined review is for personalized Name Your Tune CD!

Please note this is a review only. For a chance to win one of 10 of these go HERE!

"My twins recently turned two and I was so excited to try out a personalized Name Your Tune CD with both of their names on it! To be honest, their two older brothers seem to enjoy it a little more and go back to their favorite songs over and over, but this will be something they will appreciate more and more as they get older! And it's something all of my kids will always enjoy!

I teach preschool from home so I have heard and used many different children CD's and I can tell you, these definitely rank up there with the best! It may not be your first choice as an adult, but your kids will love it so much you'll soon find yourself singing along! And they will be dancin' and grinnin' when they hear their own name!! This is a gift I would highly recommend! Check out the video below of my kids and their cousins enjoying our CD!"

"This CD is so much fun! Like Sharla's twins, my little guy may not be flipping out about it now, but when he gets older and realizes what they are saying, and that his name is in the songs, I know he's going to love it!
I was so pleasantly surprised at how seamlessly Calvin's name was put into the songs. It sounded like the songs were made just for him! And the singers themselves have amazing voices. The quality of this CD is outstanding. I definitely think it's worth every penny for what you are getting. Any child would love this!

And the fact that you can put more than one name on there is so great. Especially if you have more than one kid. Overall, I think the Name Your Tune CDs are wonderful and would make a fabulous present for any child.

By the way Sharla, love the video! Looks like they were all having so much fun. I couldn't help but chuckle when they were dancing to the bus song and it got switched on them. lol. Ahh, the joys of being a parent, you get to mess with your kids..."

Do you know the perfect kid to get this for? Here's the link: http://www.nameyourtune.com/

Betcha didn't know that Name Your Tune has other great personalized items other than their awesome CD's! You know the drill, click on the pics to find out more!

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