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o yikes! review

Today's review is for O Yikes, a fabulous collection of bagsKinda like candy for your back!

I was lucky enough to receive a Tangerine-Raspberry Slingback bag {ARV$80} from O Yikes! I personally love this style because it evenly distributes book/laptop weight, and is so convenient for daily errands. Moreover, the colors are so delicious and bright. (I'm so over boring black carry-ons with itchy straps.)

I understand that many O Yikes products are purchased primarily as diaper bags but I realized that they are versatile enough to be used for all sorts of activities such as biking, traveling, sports, and even lugging laptops and heavy books to the library.

The nicest part O Yikes! bags, from my experience, is how well constructed they are. My Slingback bag for example features various compartments and pockets which allow for better organization (and fitting everything in its place without a lot of unnecessary stress).

My only concern with the O Yikes Slingback, at least, was at times it seemed a little too big and loud for my everyday taste and but I still found various uses for it. Basically, these bags are designed for people with very "on-the-go" lifestyles, and they seem to be durable and fun!

Here's more information about O Yikes bags:

"Our bags are designed with a focus on organization and efficiency. As with all O Yikes! products, they are created for people on the go. Although the bags have ample pockets and features, they can be further customized with purpose built matching accessories to meet the everyday demands of your active lifestyle. The pre – packaged sets were created to help keep you organized whether you’re in college, working, parenting, and everything in between."

More options:

a. Square in Turquoise Chocolate - I love the retro-feel of this bag and it seems like an ideal style for students.

b. Messenger Bag in Titanium Frost - Perfect option for dads who want to sport a more subtle diaper bag.
c. Laptop Sleeve in Purple Grape - What makes this product great? The padded sleeve which provides extra laptop protection, and the removable nylon straps (so that you can turn it into a lovely little tote).
Check out more styles and colors at O Yikes!

Be sure to enter the discount code "Give25" at checkout for a whopping 25% off of your purchase!!!

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