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rubbermaid review

Today's review is for an Easy Find Lids All-In-One 20-Piece set from Rubbermaid!
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When I first got this package and opened up, Calvin probably spent a good 20 minutes or so just stacking these over and over again. It was hard to get them away from him so I could actually try them out! He was having way too much fun! So, my first initial reaction to these is that they were a great learning toy for my little guy. :)

Once I got a chance to actually test them out, I could see why Calvin loved these so much. Though I suppose I like them for a different reason, but I still had as much fun, if not more fun, than Calvin had. I was very impressed with the way you can stack the containers right on top of the lids and they all lock in to place. If anyone can lose something, I can, so I'm hoping this helps me not lose any lids. (I haven't so far, knock on wood!) You can even interlock the seperate pieces, (as you can see in the picture to the right).

I love each different piece for different reasons. I love the Premier set because I can put in spaghetti sauce (or anything that usually stains plastic), and it doesn't stain! I put some spaghetti sauce in there for a couple of weeks just to test it (no, I didn't eat it after the 2 weeks. If my grandma knew of my waste she would kill me!), and when I washed it, it was perfectly clear and beautiful like it had never even had the sauce in it!

I love that the Produce Saver containers help to keep your produce fresh. I put in some strawberries to test it out and they did last awhile longer than they would have in their original container. And I love that they thought of putting the extra piece in the bottom to keep your produce up off of any moisture that accumulates on the bottom. And the little vent up top that helps the produce breath. They thought of everything!

And then I of course love the Lock Its for when I'm taking food with me. No worries about the top coming off! Actually, the lids on all the containers (not just the Lock Its), go on nice and tight. But the Lock Its are great for that extra bit of insurance we all need at times. (that I seem to need most of the time, lol) And the Easy Find set is perfect for any kind of leftovers (or craft supplies, anything you can think of really).

It is just overall a fabulous set that looks great, organizes well, and stays together better than any other set I've seen. And the price is absolutely amazing! ($22 for the set) You really can't go wrong with this.

And starting in June, they are offering a 10% discount on their online orders. Just use the code "0902"!

To find out more on each set, check out Rubbermaid's Easy Find Lids site: http://www.easyfindlids.com/

To find out more on Rubbermaid and all of their products, here's the link for their main site:

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5 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

There wasn't an entry form on the page, so I am posting/entering here for the RubberMaid giveaway; hope that's okay! Love my RubberMaid! Thanks for this opportunity to win the 20-piece set; I can use them!

Barb in Jax FL

Anonymous said...

I love all Rubbermaid products, always had and alsways will!!!:-)
Would love to win a set of these anytime! Thanks for the opportunity!


Anonymous said...

I love Robbermaid. I always put an address label on my containers when lending them out! Great product! estesandrea@yahoo.com

judy said...

thanks for the chance!

Katie Lyons said...

Hey everyone! Just wanted to remind you that this is the REVIEW post, not the Giveaway post. Check out my Current Giveaways page to go to the giveaway post to enter. Comment to enter on this post don't count.

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