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shelf reliance giveaway

Today's giveaway is for a Cansolidator Pantry from Shelf Reliance! {ARV$37.99}
Open to Continental US
Sturdy and compact - a nice dose of organization, I'd say!

Shelf Reliance is a wonderful go-to company for your emergency and kitchen organizational needs, big or small. From dried fruit cans that allow for simple food preparation (their Thrive line) to adjustable, stand-alone storage and food rotation units, Shelf Reliance offers a wide variety of pantry specific products.

The emergency items (First Aid kits, easily prepared meals,etc) featured in their store are worth taking a look at because they can come in handy in case of a natural disaster (i.e. snowstorm) or accident (i.e. losing a trail while hiking). They come in a storable kit which you can keep in your car, home, or office. (A nice touch is that you can personalize the kit to better fit your lifestyle.)

The storage items are also great and practical. The Cansolidator Cupboard pictured above stores up to 40 cans (from small tuna cans to large pineapple ones), is stackable, and automatically rotates cans so that older cans (the ones you place in first) come out first. This convenient system ensures constant freshness and quality regardless of situation.

The Shelf Reliance Goal: "Our goal is to help families prepare for whatever tomorrow may bring, so they feel confident if disaster strikes. We believe in educating people so you can become self-reliant."

Some kits from Shelf Reliance:

Pasta w/ Vegetables MRE Full Meal -Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, but when emergency arises these will definitely come in handy!

Providence Basic Travel Two Person 72-hour Emergency Kit - It has everything you need for a long distance trip, hike, or just to have in your car in general. You never know when you might need this and it's such an efficient pack!

For more information, please visit the Shelf Reliance store or check out their blog.

rules to enter:

1. Simply leave your name and email address in the Official Entry Form! Yes, that easy!
2. For an optional second entry, head on over to Shelf Reliance & pick your favorite item (not giveaway item). For another extra entry, when you're over there, sign up for their newsletter and comment here with the email address you used to sign up!
3. Come back here and comment in the official entry form below the extra entries section on what you chose
4. Leave an extra comment in the official entry form for any extra entries (Please leave blog url if you have my button on your blog or wrote a post)

Note: If a second winner has to be chosen, that winner will be chosen based on the most creative, detailed comment!
Also Note: Add me to your safe list or else your winning notice could end up in your Junk Mail folder! babylyons (at) live (dot) com

Open to Continental US
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official entry form:

This contest will end on May 28, 2009 at 11:59 pm PST
A winner will be chosen from a Random Number Generator from random.org
The winner will be listed and contacted within 3 days of end
If I cannot get a hold of the winner 3 days, a new winner will be chosen

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26 Thoughts:

Stacey said...

I like the freeze dried pineapple! Thanks for the opportunity!


Selina said...

Great giveaway! It's time for organizing. I'm a subscriber. iclipalso(at)yahoo(dot)com

pms3237 said...

This would be great to organize my RV

Ladytink_534 said...

The Pre-Assembled Kits / Providence (2-Person Kits) would be great to have! Hubby, his friend, and I all got lost in a state park for hours once. Very scary!!! Thankfully, I have a good sense of direction but it was still not fun and the water alone would have come in handy.


Kristy said...

What a cool gift!

Kristy said...


Kristy said...

Wow! The Harvest would be great!

SavingDiva said...

Follow on twitter (@savingforhome) and tweeted http://twitter.com/savingforhome/status/1890353833

Courtney Moore said...

following you on twitter now!


Heather said...



Anonymous said...


i get upates from the giveaway be email.


Kate3067 said...

I'm pretty well stocked up for pantry items right now! I buy all my canned goods on sale and this would make my pantry so much neater, thanks!

mmentor said...

sign me up

Emily said...

I need a whole pantry of these. This would be great!


kngmckellar said...

This is a great thing for me since I have to so little space to organize!

Sheila R said...

I would love to try out the preassembled kits!

mogrill said...

I like the Harvest!! Thanks for the chance.

Colleen said...



erma said...

I would love the chance to win, thanks.

NesieBird said...

I could use a little organization. This is perfect! kneecree at gmail dot com

intime said...

I like hte Food Rotation System Magnet Labels

Lorie and Bill said...

I am a subscriber.

Anonymous said...

Dree amgconz at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Dree amgconz at gmail dot com
I subscribe.

masonsgranny59 said...

this looks great 4 organizing.

Betty C said...

I signed up for the newsletter using my gmail account (the same as the entry).

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