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showertime review

Today's review is for a ShowerTime timer {ARV$3.75}.

a little water a day, goes a long way!

For how long do you think the average person showers? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? 20? Well, anyway you look at it, each minute proves costly in terms of unnecessary water consumption and monthly energy bills. Just think about it -- 1 minute of shower time usually equates to 2 or 2.5 gallons of water depending on your shower-head. A daily ten minute shower would thus equate to 25 gallons of water, and a weekly shower routine would result in 175 gallons of water. (Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that most people take more than 10 minute showers!) Wouldn't it be nice if you could slash some of these sessions in half and save approximately 10 gallons of water a day?

Sure, it would be nice... and totally possible. In the midst of a burgeoning green market, emerges ShowerTime, a company dedicated to efficient water conservation. "Waste not" seems to be their motto (incorporating the timer into a daily shower routine could save a family of four up to 15,000 gallons of water annually), and it's a rather good one!

ShowerTime's solution to a potential water drought is simple --a timer. The timer is battery- operated and all you have to do is press a minuscule button on the back of product at the start of your shower. (Technically, you can just press the button but when I tried to do it so did not work so I had to remove the timer from the showerwall and just press it directly.) Then, the timer begins its 4 minute 30 second countdown and once your time is up, a little red light on the timer begins to flash for 30 seconds.

Although the flashing red light doesn't necessarily mean you have to get out of the shower, the ShowerTime timer kindly reminds you to be more efficient and eco-friendly. Granted, you could just use your alarm clock or cell phone timer but this timer doesn't make noise --it just glows when time is up. (An added touch is that your timer can be personalized with any logo or personal message.)

A gentle reminder to wrap up your shower session.

It's so cute and practical!

For more information on ShowerTime please visit the company's main site.

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