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snorg tees review

Today's combined review is for some t-shirts from Snorg Tees.
Please note this is a review only, not a giveaway.

"I am such a nerd. Obviously.When I went to choose a tee to review from Snorg Tees I had a bit of a difficult time. There are quite a few that are well....not me. But when I saw this one I knew it was the one. You see, around the web and on my personal blog I am The Mom Nerd. So there you go, I admit it. And as you can see, this picture proves it.

I really like my t-shirt! The first one I got had a little flaw but as soon as I contacted them they automatically sent me a new one and it got here so fast! This t-shirt is comfy and fun! Although I did have one person look at me and say "n......3rd? What does that mean?" One 15 yr. old girl that I help with homework looked at it and said: "whatever" but she liked it so I guess that means I'm cool! You can be nerdy and cool at the same time, right? Now Theo, she got the one my boys wanted! What did you think of yours, Theo?"

"Sharla, if you're a nerd, then I belong to Saved By the Bell's Bayside High chess club with this charming selection! Honestly though, I had a rough time selecting a t-shirt (have to admit the vampire themed t-shirts were luring me in). The options were endless but I felt more of the shirts were geared towards sarcastic teens as opposed to a young lady trying (really hard might I add) to leave the world of graphic tees behind (hurts...I know).

I'm not going to lie though --I did find one that works and I take great pride in this t-shirt. I love literature and writing and what represents that passion better than a T-rex wearing reading glasses and a bow tie, and perusing a thesaurus. Seriously. Plus, it's cute, comfortable, and the green is a fun, bright color. (And, Sharla, a whatever these days constitutes as "hey you're cool enough to warrant some nonchalant slang" so props to you!)

Now we just know that you want to check out all of their fun styles.
Here is the link: http://www.snorgtees.com/index.php

Here's a few of our other faves. You know the drill, just click on them to find out more!

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Theo said...

Sharla, I love the picture! Nerds are so cool...after all it was a musical group featuring Pharell! :)

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