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Thorlo Review

thorlo review

Today's combined review is for
Thorlo Experia Socks {ARV$13.99 per pair}!
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Thorlo is a company that specializes in high performance socks. Their socks are designed to follow the natural contours of feet. Outstandingly beneficial for athletes, these socks offer cyclis, hikers, tennis players, and avid runners amazing foot protection. Specifically, Thorlo Experia socks are anatomically engineered for a great aero-dynamic fit and decent protection without all the bulkiness that is usually characteristic of comfortable socks. Moreover, another favorable aspect of the Experia socks is that they help reduce sweating during exercise!

"Thorlo socks are so comfortable --they fit snugly while allowing some breathing room. (Woohoo for socks that are not annoyingly tugged down by the back of sneakers!) I'm an avid walker and my orange and gray Thorlo socks have proven themselves worthy! They are lightweight, durable, and so far from bulky it's not even funny.

What I loved most was the Achilles Tendon pad feature because it gave each of my steps bounce, and supported my feet well with each heel strike. So far I have worn them four times (for my weekly 7-mile walk) and there is no tearing nor small, embarassing holes that I would normally get on new, white socks."

"Wow Theo, a weekly 7 mile walk?! You go girl! We go for walks quite often but they are also at the pace of a four year old so I'm not exactly breaking a sweat. But like you, I enjoy walking a whole lot more with these socks on! I have to be honest, I am not a shoe/sock kind of girl. I kick them off at the first opportunity and only wear them when I have to.

But the day that I received these I didn't take them off all day. I was laughing at myself because I'd be sitting down working and get up to do something and would suddenly say: "Awwwwww" because walking was so soft and squishy. I loved it! And mine came in very cool green and gray, which I also love! It seems weird that you can love socks, but I most certainly do!"

"These socks are definitely loveable! I can attest to the fact that they are super comfy. And Sharla, I can beat you there, I walk at the pace of a 16 month old. One that stops often to pick up rocks and sticks. So you probably break more of a sweat than I do!

And they do make walking so much more comfortable! (heck, they make lounging around the house more comfortable) Especially since I wear my Chucks when I'm walking instead of walking shoes. And if you wear Chucks, you know that they have no support of padding. I'm able to wear these socks comfortably them, (which is a big bonus because usually socks with any kind of padding are too bulky for them). And like Theo said, they stay put.

I think these are definitely worth getting if you are are an avid exerciser and need something that is comfortable, helps wick away sweat, and stays put. Thorlo did a fabulous job!

P.S. If you're wondering why I have a pic of my foot against Calvin's face, it's because I was taking pics and he decided to sit down right where I was taking them. So I thought I would tease him, then thought the picture was too cute not to put up :)"

Would you like your walks, runs, or any exercise session to be "Powered by Thorlo Pads"? Then head on over there and get yourself a pair! Your feet will love you :)

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