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wednesday winners on thursday again

wednesday winners on thursday....again

Yes, I know, I'm always doing this post late :) Here are our winners for the past week:

The winner of our Hot Mama Designs giveaway that won a $150 gift certificate to Hot Mama Designs is:

Entry #487: carol s who said "Thanks for the chance."

Congrats carol! What a great present for Mother's Day!

And if you weren't the lucky winner, there is lots of beautiful, personalized jewelry to be found at Hot Mama Designs!


The winner of our Zurina Ketola Designs giveaway that won a pair of Turquoise Howlite Drop Earrings is:

Entry #103: Telisha Hayes who said "I'm a subscriber. Thanks."

If you didn't win, head on over to Zurina Ketola Designs to get some beautiful jewelry!


The winner of our Febreze Giveaway who won a bottle of Febreze Fabric Refresher in Lavender, Vanilla & Comfort scent and a Febreze Tote bag is:

Entry #355: Kelly F who said: "I would use it in the den. That is where the boys play and where the older guys watch football. I never knew how smelly boys feet could be and it can sure linger on the couch!"

For everyone that didn't win, Febreze has lots of fab ways to eliminate odors from your home! Check out the Febreze site for more info:


The winner of our Grandparent Gift Company Giveaway who won a Grandma's Smile-Love Frame is:

Entry #187: Jamie who said: "My mom - she keeps my son each day while I work - and then some! I could never repay her for the love she shows him, the time she sacrifices and the peace of mind she has given to me while I'm working. She's truly a blessing and she has a special bond with my son. :)"

If you're not a winner and still want to get something special for someone in your life, check out the Grandparent Gift Company:


The winner of our Bobux Giveaway who won any pair of I-Walk shoes from Bobux is:

Entry #95: sarah buki who said "i like the navy/beige i-walk sportshoe"

If you didn't win and have to have a pair of these adorable shoes (there are lots of choices!), then head on over to Bobux now:


Last but not least, the winner of our Lenovo Star Trek Gelskin giveaway who won a Star Trek Gelskin for their laptop is:

Entry #193: Heather who said "Went to Lenovo and entered the sweepstakes"

If you didn't win, you can go check out Lenovo for creating your own custom Gelskins or fabulous laptops!


Congratulations to all our winners! If you didn't win, or even if you did, check out our other giveaways and enter away! You might be the next lucky winner! :)

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