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argington review

Today's review is for a 'Galap' Rocker from Argington! ($89)

I have been coveting Argington's modern baby furniture for quite some time now. So to get the chance to get to review one of their beautiful 'Galap' rockers is so exciting for me! The design of this rocker is so modern and fabulous, and I had to get the Birch finish because I think the light wood is absolutely gorgeous.

When I got it and realized I had to put it together, I got a little bit of anxiety that I wouldn't be able to do it right. That it would be complicated. Then I saw the instructions and had to laugh at myself, there were 3 easy parts to the instructions. And they involved just putting together the 5 parts of the rocker with the screws and allen wrench provided. Soooo easy!

After I got it put together, my 21 month old niece Natesa instantly sat on it and refused to get up. She was having too much fun rocking back and forth. :) After awhile I had to let Calvin have a turn because he had been looking at it longingly the whole time she was on it (and she probably would have sat on it for forever if I let her)

And yes, Natesa totally threw a fit when it was Calvin's turn. So I explained to her that she could use it as soon as Calvin was done. So she of course sat there watching and waiting the whole time he was enjoying it (at one point she squeezed in next to him and pushed him off, with a huge smile on her face like "Looks like he's done!", lol). Needless to say, the babies LOVE there new rocker.

What I love about it is:
- The beautiful design and color
- The wide seat that makes it easier for the babies to get on
- How sturdy and strong it is (it can handle up to 250lbs!)
- The bar in back so the babies can't rock back way far and topple

My only complaint is that now I am wanting all of their other fab furniture even more. Seeing the quality and general gorgeousness firsthand has only fueled the "Gotta have Argington" fire!

Wanna check out all of the other fabulously modern furniture they have over at Argington? Here's the link: http://www.argington.com/

Just a few more of the beautiful pieces at Argington:
(click on pics to go to product page)

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2 Thoughts:

Theo said...

Katie - I love this review and Calvin looks so happy on his little rocker :)

Momnerd said...

Oh my, he is so cute I could just kiss him!

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