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just be review

Today's Review is for a t-shirt from Just Be Products, LLC!
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When Just Be asked me to choose a shirt to review, I was immediately curious. I had no idea what to expect. Emo? Sarcasm? Cartoons? Quotes from Wedding Crashers and every Will Ferrell movie out there? (Because those are literally the only sorts of graphic t-shirts I come across these days.) However, I was pretty stunned when I discovered that Just Be shirts featured a refreshing motif of positive messages and attractive, yet not overbearing, images. Moreover, the 100% cotton shirts help promote and benefit amazing causes. For example, a portion of funds from some shirts in Be Pink collection (see Be a Survivor below), are donated towards finding a cure for breast cancer. Style and good-will? What an impressive combination!

I honestly had trouble selecting a shirt. What to pick, what to pick...hmm. The Be Free and Be Sweet (picture below) were definitely top contenders --that is until I spotted the 'Be the Change' design. What drew me to the 'Be the Change' shirt was that it was to the point, inspirational, and so appropriate in terms of today's US political climate. I gave the shirt to my sister to wear because she is such an avid volunteer. She was truly proud to sport such a fabulous shirt.

What I like about the shirt: soft, laid-back, comfortable, personable.

Some recommendations: A few more options in the store wouldn't hurt.

Overall, Just Be is a great company that offers people everywhere a chance
to express themselves in such a fun way!

For more designs and information, check out Just Be Products, LLC!

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