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kid guides review

Today's review is for a Kid Guides: Aquariums from Kid Guides.
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Just thinking about this review makes me smile, my kids are so cute. (of course maybe just because they're with Grandma right now;) Anyway, when we first got this in the mail my 8 year old and 5 year old were all over it. "Is this ours?" "Can we watch it?" "What is it, Mommy?" "Is it about animals?" "When can we watch it?" As I unloaded everything else from the post office I think I mumbled a yes. About ten minutes later I notice they are nowhere to be found. So I go upstairs and there they are, glued to the TV, completely in the zone.

Honestly, I couldn't even talk to them until it was over. And then they were tripping over each other to tell me about it. "Did you see the sharks?" "They were scary Mommy." "I liked the dolPINS, Mommy, and the optopus." "Did you see it Mommy, did you?" It was so cute. Since then they have watched it way more times than they probably should. But they always come back and tell me all of the things they've learned, which I just love. And when I told them they could see more on TV they were so excited! They can't wait to see the Museums and Zoos DVD's as well. And what Mom isn't going to love a show that teaches her children but also keeps them occupied. For this mom, it gets a TWO thumbs up!

You can check out clips on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/user/kidguides

And their website here: http://www.kidguides.tv/

And don't forget to check out the show on KQED this Fall!

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