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kokopax review

Today's review is for the Blakely Ring Tote from Kokopax

You can fit a lot in this cute tote (in Bubbles)!

To be honest, I have not had a chance to hold this bag at all. I wish I did but the instant my Kokopax Blakely Ring Tote (in Garden fabric) arrived and my mom laid eyes on it, she claimed it as her own. Um...Happy Mother's Day? :)

Stylish yet practical, this Kokopax tote makes a wonderful bag for any sort of casual outing whether it's a day at the beach, park, or mall. With three deep pockets, an attachable mini-tote, and made of 100% cotton canvas with nylon lining, this bag proves durable and convenient. Moreover, it's considerably lightweight and spacious, which is a wonderful attribute in my opinion.

As my mom has learned over the entire three weeks she's shuffled this tote around, is that it can support a good deal of personal items. The only thing my mom wishes she could change about the bag is the ring-like handle. It certainly looks lovely but once in a while, especially if she stuffs a lot into it, the bag hurts her hand just a little. However, as she points out, when she places in a minimal amount of items, the handle hardly bothers her. (Overall, she adores the tote and that's all that matters!)

Another nice aspect about Kokopax is that although the company does not currently sell a range of products, what Kokopax does focus on is quality. Their totes, accessories, and popular baby carriers are prime examples of that. Best of all, the four main items also come in a variety of chic and modernized fabrics. Personally, the Bubbles fabric is a bit too much for me but my three top favorites are Garden, the Licorice, and the Bud fabrics.
Anything else to know about Kokopax? Yes! The company is very charitable:

We, at kokopax®, believe in dreams. We believe in the courage to do something bold; to risk it all. We value life. We embrace change. We love. We feel. We want to make a difference.
That is why we have partnered with the i-m-perfect foundation. This foundation was created to celebrate the imperfect in all of us. We will be contributing a portion of our proceeds from our organic line to help fund the i-m-perfect foundation. This foundation serves children with special needs.

Need a great tote, baby carrier, or some organic accessories?
Kokopax might have exactly what you're looking for!

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