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LeliMelo Review

Today's review is for the Rosalie Necklace from LeliMelo! {arv $39}

Inspired by Rosalie Cullen from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga series
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When I first spotted the Rosalie necklace online, I was afraid it was going to be big and bulky. Sure, it looked pretty enough, but I'm not one for large, flashy pieces. However, upon receiving it, I was delighted. The Rosalie necklace was sophisticated, elegant, and indeed as delicate as the pale pink packaging in which it arrived. (Stephanie Meyer's would certainly be proud of it!)
I am a fan of the rose crystalline mineral part of the necklace. It is truly lovely and understated. Moreover, the bewa pearl part is not presented as a sphere but hammered out in a rather intriguing fashion. LeliMelo designer Yin Chang, who plays Nelly Yuki on the CW's Gossip Girl, did a great job in terms of handcrafting this piece.

The only part of the Rosalie I am not crazy about is the 16" chain. Although sturdy, it's too short, almost choker length. Otherwise, I sincerely do appreciate this necklace. Not only is the rose quartz meant to heal psychic wounds of the heart, the pearl is supposed to repel fear, give intuition and (when worn on a chain) protect the wearer from accidents. Talk about a multitasking necklace!

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