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little chickie wear review

Today's review is for a Motorcycle onesie from LittleChickieWear by gwen designs! ($24)

Now that Calvin is older and realized that there are cool pictures on his clothes, he seriously can't get enough of them. Everytime we put on one of his shirts, or his pajamas, he holds out his shirt and starts asking me about the picture on it. For example, he adores his dinosaur pjs and always "roars" when I put them on, and points at all the dinosaurs.

So when we got this onesie, Calvin was instantly fascinated by the cool motorcycle on his shirt. First he looked at it and asked me what it was, then I told him it was a motorcycle and started making motorcycle noises. He quickly joined in and couldn't stop "talking" about his cool new onesie. (he's even talking about it in the picture, lol)

What I love about this onesie is that not only is it organic; but it is made with a nice, thick, high quality fabric; and the motorcycle design that is unique, fun, and very cool. It instantly became one of my favs, and one of Calvin's as well.

If you dig organic onesies with fun and unique designs, then I suggest you head on over to LittleChickieWear now! Here's the link:

Here's some other fun products from LittleChickieWear:
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6 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Cool shirts. I especially like the band one!

Anonymous said...

soo cute!-swetrick@hotmail.com

zaou said...

haha,that "I toot toot" one is deathly cute.

Theo said...

awww...Calvin is so adorable in his little motorcycle onesie!

sootfoot5 said...

AHHHH- reminds me of my foolish youth - I remember the old Sinclair gas stations with the dino logos - I had a green dinosaur soap when I was 4 and I thought it was SO NEAT!

rdzawislak said...

These are too cute.

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