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little luv letters review

Today's review is for a Circle of Luv Necklace from Little Luv Letters! (arv $37)
If you'd like to enter to win one, check out our giveaway for it HERE!

I am a HUGE fan of handstamped jewelry. It's so personal and meaningful; also, it's very beautiful while maintaining an every day feel. All in all, it's my kind of jewelry. And when I first saw the Circle of Luv necklace, I thought the design was fabulous. Very simple, but still eyecatching.

And the possibilities for the personalization are endless! Someone could put their children's names in the circle, then "Mom" in the heart, their husband's name and their own in the circle with their wedding date in the heart, a child's name with their birthdate in the heart, or a deceased loved one's name in the heart with the dates of birth and death in the circle (wouldn't that make a beautiful memorial?). Needless to say, it took me a couple of days to make a decision on what I wanted.

I finally decided on a suggestion from the artist herself, 'Katie & Aaron' in the circle with 'Calvin' in the heart. Because our love helped make Calvin, so of course he would be the heart! It is so beautiful and so perfect, I absolutely love it.

If you are looking for a meaningful piece of jewelry that is completely personalized to your liking, (for a very affordable price I might add), then head on over to Little Luv Letters and get shopping! Here's the link:

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Anonymous said...

I like sterling silver so I know I would like this jewelry.

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