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obrien & schridde review

Today's review is for a 'Vintage' 11x11 frame from Obrien & Shridde Designs!

If you entered my Obrien & Shridde Giveaway a few weeks ago, then I'm sure you know how much I love their frames. The design, the beauty, the work that goes into each one is so obvious that no one could miss it. So when I got my Vintage frame for reviewing, I was over-the-moon excited about being able to put one of my photos in it. The specific photo I chose to put in it was one of Aaron and Calvin in our yard (as you can see above and on the right). This was his Father's Day present. And yes, I gave it to him early, I just couldn't resist. He absolutely loves it.

I spent a very long time editing this photo to get it just right. So I didn't want to put it in just any old frame. This frame adds to my photo instead of taking away from it. When visitors come to my house, they comment on the photo and the frame. It's a focal point in my living room now.

And being able to see the frame firsthand, I get to see and feel the work that went into it, and the quality of it. I know it's going to last for a long time. You really can't compare cheap thrift store frames to Obrien & Shridde frames. When something is cheap, there is a reason for it. They break easily (I've had that happen many times before), they are made out of low end materials, and they don't have that personal touch. Obrien & Shridde frames cost what they cost for a reason. And I think they are worth every penny.

I will whole-heartedly recommend Obrien & Shridde Designs. Every home deserves to be adorned in one (or two, or ten) of their beautiful frames. Here's the link, now get to shopping!

Here are a couple examples of their other frames and how you can set them up:

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i think they are marvelous!

Mimi said...

Oh, they are very nice indeed!

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