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protect-a-bub review

When I first heard about the Protect-a-Bub company, I was excited to know that there was a company out there focused on protecting our kids against harmful sun rays. I have always been super paranoid about skin cancer and am always looking for new ways to protect my little guy against getting it. So I of course jumped at the chance to try one of their car seat shades.

I have to admit, when I first got it I was a little intimidated. For some reason, when I see straps I get this overwhelming feeling of, "I'm going to do this wrong, I know it". But, lucky for me, it was suprisingly easy to put on and I got it right my first time! Yay me! :)

After I put it on and got my carseat back in the car, I noticed that it seemed to make my already larger carseat seem bigger. Like it took up more room. And when I went to put Calvin in, it was a lot harder, especially since his seat is higher up than most, and in the middle. I had to untie the front strap so I could pull the shade back and put him in. Then retie the straps again. It was more effort than I would like.

The other option to putting him in was, instead of putting him in from the top and sitting him down, was putting him in from the front of the seat and slide him back. But it was more difficult to do up the straps for his carseat. It's not a whole lot of extra work, but sometimes even a little extra work can get in the way.

That's when I had to decide whether I would rather give my son extra protection from the sun, and put in some more effort; or don't give him that extra protection and save myself some time. I compromised by using it off and on. Weeks that I know I'm going to be busier, I leave it off. (Because there are weeks that I just don't have the time to do the extra work) Weeks that aren't as busy, I put it on. I think it's definitely worth the bit of effort for the extra protection.

If you would like a car shade for your little one, or other fab products that protect them against the sun (like hats and swimwear), I suggest you check out Protect-a-Bub now. Here's the link:

Other great products from Protect-a-Bub:
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3 Thoughts:

susan said...

I love their stroller cover. It really does add to the shade of an existing stroller. We use it on three different ones and it is so easy to fold up and take with you!

dcg2u said...

Lots of exciting items. Love the colorful outfits. Did you check out the swimwear? I bought a swim outfit and hat for my great neice and they are so colorful! Wonderful. Her mom was very happy with me:) Fun, fun, fun!

Lindsey said...

I like this better than dealing with the stupid stick-on shades for the car windows that don't stick! :-)

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