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tie buddies review

Today's review is for a boy set of Tie Buddies!
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Of course we reviewed a set of boy Tie Buddies, since I have four boys! I'll admit I didn't really know what these were before I received them. But I was eager for anything that could help me teach my 5 and 8 year old how to tie their shoes. Yes, you read that right. I'm embarrassed to admit that until we tried these my 8 year old did not know how to tie his shoes. We started teaching him in Kindergarten and have tried so many times since then but he just hasn't been able to pick it up. Therefore, most of his shoes have not needed laces.

When we received these they each had one pair of shoes that had laces. (That have basically never been worn, lol) We started with our 8 year old, Ebug. We actually had him read the steps and try it on his own, he needed a little help from us but was soon figuring it out. It took a couple of days for him to be able to do it all on his own but he finally figured it out! And now a whole new shoe world is opened up to us!

Roo, our 5 year old, still can't do it completely on his own. However, he loves to try and since he just turned 5 I know that he will soon using these! And in the meantime he loves having the little "car squares" on his shoes! These were really easy to use for both parents and kids, and a great invention!

My only complaint is that they are small and very easy to lose. We are currently down to three but I am really hoping I can find the last one as we move. If you take these off of their shoes, just make sure you put them somewhere safe, maybe in a little baggie. And if you have a little girl, you'll love their girly tie buddies with the pretty dragonflies and dandelions in pink!

Well, what are you sitting there for? Hop, skip and jump on over to get some of these for your little critter. You'll soon see just how grown up they can be!

Here's the link, so get hoppin': http://www.tiebuddies.com/

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