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White Sands Review

Today's combined review is for various hair products from White Sands!

I'll be honest, looking at their models, that is not exactly the kind of hairdo I am usually going for. So thank goodness their products work for people like me too! That wonderful picture over there is my styled and windblown look. Okay, really it's my attempt at taking a picture of myself. Not the easiest thing. But what really matters is that I loved the way my hair looked, even if the camera didn't so much.

I was so excited when I received my package and they sent me their Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner, their Liquid Texture Medium and some of their awesome Smudge! My hair tends to get weighted down but frizzy at the same time. And it also gets greasy really fast. I did find that I couldn't use all four every day or my hair would still get weighted down. But when I use the conditioner every other day and switch off with the other two it is great at giving my hair volume and helping with the frizz. As I play with it and experiment I have grown to love their products more and more! I can't wait to see how Theo's gorgeous hair turned out!"

"I agree with you, Sharla. I usually don't sport glamorous curls nor do I have a sophisticated cut, so I was a bit worried about how well the product would work (especially since I needed a specific conditioner to use right after and I did not have this). I received the ER Fusion, a reconstructive hair treatment. To be honest, I have no idea why I chose this because it's meant for hair that needs major restoration. However, I discovered upon use that I do not need to have 'dried and fried" locks in order for the ER Fusion to work its magic.

Basically, I liked this product because not only did it provide my scalp with a lovely, tingling feeling but the next morning my hair looked even more glossy and felt softer. Although I did not see any added volume like Sharla did, there was definitely a certain bounce to my hair the next day. Overall, the results shocked me because I did not expect this product to do anything out of the ordinary but it did."

"Man Theo! You have some looong hair, I'm totally jealous! Though if I did manage to grow my hair out again, I would probably end up chopping it off and donating it like I do every other time. :) I'm not much of a hair person, the only things I can do to my hair is straighten it or put it up in a ponytail. Sad, I know.

I got the Liquid Texture Firm Hold, the Curl Up Silk in Medium Mousse, and a couple of the Smudge styling aids. I wish I was better with hair so I could tell you all the cool things I did with these products, but since I'm pathetic when it comes to hair, I can't.

I got the Curl Up in hopes that it would help out my wanna be waves, but since my hair is so thick, it didn't work very well. I did try a little on my niece, who has the most beautiful curls ever, and it helped to turn her morning rats nest into cute, bouncy curls. Which made me totally jealous.

The Smudge I really couldn't figure out how to use very well. I don't like having too much product in my hair, so I only tried a little of it, which didn't do much, but I have to blame that on myself for being scared to try new things.

I really like the Liquid Texture because it helped make my straightening easier, kept my hair straighter longer, and calmed some of the frizz on top of my head. The Liquid Texture is definitely my fav. Very simple to use, and it works wells.

Overall I was really happy with the products, and maybe soon I'll get inspired to get out of my shell and try them all in new, different ways ;)"

Want to put some style to your 'do? Here's the link, now get to shopping!

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2 Thoughts:

Theo said...

Hahah Katie! I agree. If you see me, my hair is always in a random ponytail. I'm hoping to donate it as well so I've been growing it out! :)

Theo said...

oo la la, Sharla!

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