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crazy baby clothing review

Today's review is for a Black Messenger Diaper Bag from Crazy Baby Clothing! (arv $28.99)

Okay, so the first thing I just have to say about this diaper bag involves the incredibly low price of it. If you didn't see that price up top I'll tell you again, this diaper bag is a very affordable $28.99! Can you believe it? A diaper bag that is hip, stylish, can be used as a messenger bag when you don't need a diaper bag anymore, AND is bound to be one that your husband uses as well, for this low of a price is unheard of. And I've seen a lot of diaper bags in my time.

Besides the price, the understated style of this bag is just fabulous. It will match just about any outfit, and I'm sure I'll be able to use it throughout all my children because it's not a 'fad' style.

When I first got it, I do have to admit, I opened it up and wasn't sure if it would be able to fit what I needed. (I'm used to the diaper pockets being on the inside and that kind of threw me for a loop) But when I started putting my stuff in it, I soon realized that I have MORE than enough room in this bag. Each diaper pocket will fit up to 7 of Calvin's diapers!

Let me break it down for you on the pockets:

- 2 large Diaper Pockets in the front
- 2 "bottle" pockets (1 on each side. I also like to put lotions, sunscreens, and powders in them)
- 1 small zipper pocket on the inside
- 1 huge, main compartment in the middle

The only thing it doesn't come with is a changing pad, but since I already have 3 from other diaper bags, I'm well stocked. And if for some reason I don't have one, I have learned I can use the flap for one. It's suprisingly the perfect size for putting my little Mister on.

I seriously can't convey to all of you how much I love this bag. And I am becoming very tempted to get the camo one in this style as well. Heck, for $28.99 each, I could get all 3 and spend the same that I would on one diaper bag.

If you want a diaper bag that is young, stylish, hip, and very, VERY affordable, then I suggest you head on over to Crazy Baby Clothing and buy one for yourself. You won't regret it :) And don't forget to check out all of their other fab and hip baby items (like the cutest onesies and hoodies ever...) Here's the link:

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Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

I'm thinking of getting that bag in camo and I don't even have a baby. I love the tees, and I REALLY want the Metallica album.
Way cool site, thanks for the review!!

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