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do-n-slide review

Today's review is for a Do-N-Slide with an Around the house pack and a Toddlers day pack.

We were so lucky to get to try a Do-N-Slide! It's the perfect way to get your kids excited to help out and get into a routine. I've tried making my own chore charts, but they never seem to last. I found that combining some routine along with some of those dreaded chores, my kids did great!

So here's how it works. The board has a slot at the top for the day of the week, and of course it comes with the card for each day of the week. Below that there are five more slots. One one side your child slides in what they are supposed to do on that day (or you do!) and then when that item is completed they slide it to the right, or the "All Done" slide. It's great because you can have different chores and routines for each day or leave it the same.

My kids were so excited to get it out and get started. We had a minor hiccup when both of my older boys wanted to do it, but we solved it by putting two cards in some of the spaces. So for some they were able to move it when they had both completed the job, and for others they moved their own when they completed it. Since we were moving, we decided to put hooks on our fridge that we were taking with us. That way they could find it easily.

The only problem we have had is that our two year old twins want to slide the cards over, even when they haven't been done! You see that little hand down there under his brothers? Yep, he's such a good helper. One day soon they'll be ready for their own. So really, the only thing I didn't like was that it's a little difficult to use for more than one child. But it's big enough that I wouldn't really want to put up four. Maybe they'll design one for multiple users! But I would still highly recommend this for your kids. They'll need some reminding but soon they'll be doing their chores on their own!

Ready to check it out? Here's the link: http://www.do-n-slide.com/products.php

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Anonymous said...

I like your review. I can see how this might prove tricky with more than one child. We're working on cooperation here so I think I'd have it so that the task doesn't get moved across until both of our girls have participated.

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