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grooming lounge review

Today's review is for 'The Greatest Shave Ever' Travel Kit from Grooming Lounge! (arv $25)

I can't tell you how excited I was to be able to get something like this for my husband to review. He absolutely hates shaving, it just hurts too much. When he saw this, he was super excited to see if it could help out. So excited, in fact, that he shaved that night right after we got it (he never shaves at night). When he got done, I asked him the verdict.

He said that he loves the smell. (It's this nice, light musky/manly scent.) He loved that it had oil to go in with the shaving cream and said the two together worked amazingly. Especially when he applied them with his shaving brush. And it definitely took off some of the edge during shaving. He also said the aftershave really helped soothe the bit of pain he still had. Overall, he loved it and now uses it everyday. Even the facewash, which he hasn't really commented on, but the fact that it's in the shower being used daily attests to what he thinks about it. I would say that that's a 'two thumbs up' from him.

So then I decided to try it out, because the guys at Grooming Lounge say that this works well for women too. I tried it on my legs. It went on nice and smooth, and when I was shaving it didn't hurt as much. And the aftershave felt so wonderful. I was very tempted to take this from him. But, since it's his, and I already gave it to him, I guess he can keep it ;)

Want to get some for your man? (or for you) Or some other amazing products? Here's the link: http://www.groominglounge.com/

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3 Thoughts:

alberta Hight said...

This looks like something that I might be able to get my husband to use. He is 76 and his skin seems to be thinning out and he really hates to shave now.

Michael Vorel said...

Hi Katie, really glad you were able to review the Grooming Lounge Greatest Shave Ever. It's a terrific set for men and woman and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little curious about the "hurts too much" thing. Have you both tried switching out your blades? Shaving isn't supposed to hurt.

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