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id on me review

Today's review is for ID On Me bracelets.

Such exciting hues!

The ID On Me bracelet is primarily meant to address safety issues. Is your family planning on visiting an amusement park or beach this summer, and you are worried that your child might get separated and not remember pivotal contact information? Do you know of an elderly person who is active but faces some medical complications? Would you, in case a risky situation arises, need to bring any important health information to the attention of an EMT or law enforcement officer? The ID On Me bracelet definitely comes in handy for such emergencies and serves as a great means of identification.

"What I liked best about my hot pink ID On Me bracelet was its bright, happy saturated color which eased its more serious purpose. At first, I felt a bit self conscious placing it on my sneakers during my weekly walks but it's certainly not foreboding nor do people point and stare at it. It's just an accessory that happens to have some necessary notes scribbled on it in case of an emergency. So handy (and there is enough space to write it all out)! Moreover, the bracelet is lightweight which makes it convenient for your child to have on him/her at all times and for you to take on a long run or hike. I wouldn't call it stylish jewelry but it's a good idea. "

"You know, Theo, I'm all about the hot pink! Wear it with pride! I got mine in black (although I love the colorful striped band it came with) and I honestly think it is such a smart idea to have ID.....on me! The more I have used this though and thought about it, I think this is an absolute necessity for somebody with medical problems or for children. As soon as I can I want to get one for each of my children. My twins especially love to run off and how convenient would it be if somebody found them and knew who their parents were and how to reach us?

While I think it is useful for me as well, I actually decided to give it to my brother. He is allergic to penicillin and heart attacks run in our family so I can just see him out running and have him collapse and nobody will know. And this little ID is cool enough that he can wear it on his shoes and actually look cool! I think I just might need to get this one for everyone I know this Christmas! And the colors are fun enough it works, right? How did you like yours, Katie?"

"I really like it. It is such a great idea, especially to me, the super paranoid mom ;) If I take Calvin out and about with me, and take my eye off of him for a second, he's gone. He runs off like he just spotted is "bahbo". And the thing is, since the wrist is adjustable, this even fits on his tiny little wrist. Love that!

He doesn't have any medical problems, so I use it as an ID for him, but either way it's a huge relief to have. And, like Theo said, there is a ridiculous amount of space for you to write everything you need on.

The only thing that I didn't like was that where the band loops onto the ID On Me, and is sewn, I could feel the stitches and it made that part a little itchy sometimes. So I think I might attach it to Calvin's shoe, or find a way to attach it to his pants or something so it doesn't bother him. (And so there's less of a chance of him taking it off)

Other than that, I love it. And I think that it is such an ingenious idea, and I'm so glad that some thought of it, and had the initiative to get it made! I'm sure this is something that almost every mom (if not every mom) will want to have!"

For more information on the company, or to buy your own ID On Me, head on over to ID On Me!

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