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the neocube review

Today's review is for the Cube Tastic Value Pack from The NeoCube!

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Itty bitty object, great entertainment!

With 216 individual spherical neodymium magnets, the NeoCube is sort of like the Rubik's Cube but with pretty much billions of solutions. It's a puzzle and it's a sort of construction game as well. Unconventional and complex (but remarkably never frustrating) the NeoCube helps relieve some stress, allows for ample brain stimulation, and is an easy way to release some of that pent up creativity.

"The NeoCube was a bit of a mystery for me. When it arrived I stared at it, perplexed as to what I was supposed to do with it and wondered who would ever pay that much money for this. And then I removed the pieces from their package and the fun began! I honestly don't know what the NeoCube is meant for aside from being a decent way to amuse myself during streams of boredom. I simply place it into my hands and begin working away, breaking the pieces apart and creating random shapes. (Mostly, I test out the magnetic force between the individual little spheres --for some reason this enthralls me the most.)

So far, I haven't been able to create anything wonderful because believe it or not, building with spheres is a whole new experience and some of the magnetic spheres lack polarity (which is the challenge I guess), but learning new ways to manipulate the NeoCube is intriguing."

"It is definitely intriguing, and addicting! I love finding all the new different shapes and things I can make with the NeoCube. For example, my apple in the picture :) I love using it when I'm watching movies, or riding in the car, or if I'm bored, whatever. It's a fun way to pass the time.

And I've gotten everyone in my family addicted. My husband, all my brother and sister in laws, etc. And we are all very different ages too. It something that adults as well as kids love.

What I found funny is that when my mom and mother-in-law tried it (seperately), they both held it, took it apart, and thought they had broken it. They thought that all the pieces were connected instead of individual. They were very relieved to find out they hadn't broken my new toy, and even more intrigued with it knowing that each piece is seperate.

I highly recommend the NeoCube as a fun way to pass the time, use your mind, and practice your creativity. And if you're like me, you'll get super addicted and want even more NeoCubes to make bigger sculptures :)"

Check out this "How To" Video for a better idea on how the NeoCube Works:

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6 Thoughts:

Linda said...

These look like they would be so fun and frustrating at the same time
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Anonymous said...

mind games gets you brain healthy

avaperry said...

Our entire famly would love this!!!

avaperry said...

I can see myself playing this for hours!!!

juau4 said...

A great gift for a Math teacher!

dcg2u said...

Oh my gosh. My Uncle is gonna have a hey day with this one! Pick me, pick me! Thanks!

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