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purex review

Today's review is for a Purex Complete 3-in-1 Starter Kit

I have been pretty interested in trying these ever since I saw the commercial about them. I know from your comments in the giveaway we just had that you are all interested in it too. So when I got the chance to test them out and tell you all my thoughts on it, I was more than happy to say yes :) Here are the things I like about the 3-in-1 sheets:

- They smell fabulous, I've been used to using Purex Free & Clear for some time now for my husband who has sensitive skin, so I am really digging using these sheets on my clothes and giving them some scent.

- They get the job done, just like I would expect from any Purex product.

- They are incredibly easy to use. (even my Grandma has fallen in love with them) Simply pop it in the washer with your clothes, and then it goes in the dryer with them. I love that I don't have to measure; one thing I hate mainly because I like to get the cap absolutely clean so there's no soap residue and that always takes a bit of rinsing.

In fact, I did a little math, and guessing it saves me 1 minute for every load I do, and factoring in that I do about 4 loads a week that equals 4 minutes a week, and at about 52 weeks a year, that's 208 minutes a year. In 20 years that can save me 4,160 minutes, or a little over 69 hours. It's weird to think that such a small thing can add up to saving you almost 3 days of time.

My only suggestion for the 3-in-1 system would be to have different sized sheets for smaller and larger loads. That way nothing goes to waste. Other than that, I am very addicted to the 3-in-1 system and I highly reccommend you all try it out for yourself.

Here's the link for Purex: http://www.purex.com/
And the direct link to the 3-in-1: http://www.purex.com/purex-3-in-1/product/

Some other great products from Purex:
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4 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Purex suggests you use 2 sheets for larger loads; but what about cutting the sheet in half lengthwise (in order to include the softener, etc.) for a small load? You could even cut them ahead and keep them in an already-empty container; then they are always at hand and you are being green by saving and reusing a container! Just a suggestion. Have a great day!

(I love the new Purex 3-in-1 sheets and I use them all the time! They clean very well, are so convenient,are cost effective, and have a nice fresh subtle scent!)

Barb in Jax FL

dor said...

Thanks for the review..I still can't put it in my head that it washes your clothes and the same sheet is used as a fabric softener. Wow.

April said...

I love them too. You can't beat the convenience and they smell wonderful.

free indeed said...

I've tried them too and think they are pretty cool. They'd be great for my husband who wastes so much detergent by just pouring it in and not measuring! He must put three loads worth of liquid in there!!!! I hate that! Also, I mainly hang almost every load rather than put in the dryer, so would use these for towels and blankets. If the sheet were cut square, I'd be tempted to sew them together after use to put inside a table runner or wallhanging (quilted)...:)

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