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zojirushi giveaway

Today's giveaway is for a Ms. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar
from Zojirushi! {arv $60}
Open to US Only

Includes a washable outer container, 3 microwaveable inner bowls, forked spoon & carrying bag. You can read Katie's review on it HERE!

Zojirushi Corporation came into existence more than 80 years ago with the introduction of its first glass-lined vacuum bottle. Originating in Japan, the company has spread globally becoming a sensation in Japan, USA, China, and Korea, and a front-runner in kitchen technology with its innovative, contemporary, and easy-to-use products.

Aside from all their food appliances, Zojirushi specializes in sustainable items such as practical lunch transportation. If you like warm food for lunch but don't want to rely on microwaves (or don't have access to one) then Zojirushi's Ms. Bento thermal food jar line is something to consider. The lunch jars feature durable stainless steel construction and the infamous Zojirushi vacuum insulation technology (keeps the hot meals hot and the cold meals cold). Their heat/cold retention is impressive and they are all microwaveable/washable.

Zojirushi offers many reputable kitchen and home amenities. From breadmakers, to food preservation options, to air purifiers and humidifiers, the company is dedicated to providing customers with products that promote style, comfort, and health. Overall, Zojirushi is one of those trusted and exciting companies and this is most evident in the heart of their philosophy: Improving customers' quality of life through creation of innovative products.

Additional products from Zojirushi:
(Please click on each image to visit its corresponding product page)

Electric Kettle, Gourmet d'Expert Electric Skillet, Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer

Craving some delicious treats? Check out Zojirushi's Recipe Section!

rules to enter:

1. Simply leave your name and email address in the Official Entry Form! Yes, that easy!
2. For optional extra entries, every day you can head on over to Zojirushi & select another favorite item (not giveaway item)
3. Then come back here and comment in the official entry form below the extra entries section on what you chose (must be a different item each day)
4. Leave an extra comment in the official entry form for any extra entries (Please leave blog url if you have my button on your blog or wrote a post)

Note: If a second winner has to be chosen, that winner will be chosen based on the most creative, detailed comment!
Also Note: Add me to your safe list or else your winning notice could end up in your Junk Mail folder! babylyons (at) live (dot) com

Open to US Only
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official entry form:

This contest will end on July 22, 2009 at 11:59 pm PST
A winner will be chosen from a Random Number Generator from random.org
The winner will be listed and contacted within 3 days of end
If I cannot get a hold of the winner 3 days, a new winner will be chosen

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29 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

i sub

Alycia Wicker said...

Alycia~alycia dot wicker at gmail.com

missmarymac said...

this looks interesting!

Anonymous said...

i would use this every day for my lunch!

Anonymous said...

pinkaboo_uk [at] yahoo [dot] com

The kettle looks like a good design, nice features, especially the safety lock. Always surprised at how few other American homes seem to own an electric kettle, I can't get by without one. Is it just my friends and family that are missing out?

Anonymous said...

Why not for breakfast too?

jjspat said...

My lunch storage solved


Anonymous said...

pinkaboo_uk [@] yahoo [dot] com

You won't find any perfectly cooked rice in my kitchen. Every attempt is an adventure in what could possibly go wrong with something so seemingly simple as cooking rice. I feel rather relieved that one must surely need a futuristic looking device to neatly sit on the countertop and expertly automatically adjust temperature and cooking time in order to turn out precision batches. Judging by the wide selection of nifty rice cookers from Zojirushi there is a rice cooker for every rice challenged kitchen, so I'm obviously not alone in my ineptitude. Phew. Oh, this has got me thinking sushi now. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I love this innovative design! And using it will be healthier for yourself, your wallet, and the planet. ♥

Sarah Brown said...

This is not only cool but so eco friendly...LOVE it

Anonymous said...

pinkaboo_uk [at] yahoo [dot] com

Air Pot.

Sounds like a contender for that game show where three people give you plausible definitions and only one of which isn't a complete lie.

What is an Air Pot?

A) It's an skate or snow board enthusiast. Term is an amalgamation of "crack pot" and "big air", referring to the boarder's level of insanity and the intense tricks pulled on the half pipe.

B) It's a thermal beverage holder that uses vacuum insulation to keep contents hot or cold. It is called an “air” pot because it uses air to pump out the contents. Terribly handy for keeping your coffee warm and drinkable when you don't have electrickery available.

C) Actually, it's not "air" it's "Ayr." Ayr being a town in the FIrth of Clyde in South West Scotland. An Ayr Pot is actually a dwindling breed of domesticated pot bellied pig brought to that area from Vietnam by Lord Argus Snafflethwaite in the late 1870s.

Christine B said...

This looks so cool.

Anonymous said...

pinkaboo_uk [@] yahoo [dot] com

The breadmaker can make jam? Bizarre, but inspired. What better accompaniment to have with a decent loaf of fresh bread, and a proper loaf shaped loaf of bread at that. Brilliant.

Jennifer I. said...

The ZUTTO® Neuro Fuzzy® Rice Cooker & Warmer

MLC Jr said...

M.L. Cottingham

MLC Jr said...

Indoor Electric Grill (EB-CC15) is a great idea.

Eileen said...

absolutely would want and use this

NesieBird said...

I LOVE that it is eco-friendly. Very nice!

kneecree at gmail dot com

madden77 said...

I like the electric kettle.

Anonymous said...

I subscribe via superfizz at bust dot com

trixpixel said...

The Lunch Jar would be great for work. I also like the Indoor Electric Grill!

trixpixel said...

I'm a subscriber

jerricapuck said...

jerrica puckett


jerricapuck said...

I really like the Micom Soup Warmer TH-CSC08! I enjoy making egg-drop soup so this would be great!


jerricapuck said...

I have your button on my sidebar.


jerricapuck said...



jerricapuck said...

following you on twitter & tweeted.


Anonymous said...

but can it dance?

Chris said...

I really like the Micom Soup Warmer TH-CSC08! I enjoy making egg-drop soup so this would be great!

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