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crazy forts review

Today's review is for a 69-Piece Crazy Forts Set with attachable lights!

Did you ever make forts when you were younger? I did. In fact, my siblings and I would constantly make forts, inside and outside. Tree forts, table forts, it was all good to us. That's why I was so excited to learn about, and get to review Crazy Forts. So my little guy can have the same love of forts that I had.

He was definitely already building it up because he has been hiding under blankets and in cubbies for awhile now. So when I first made him a fort to play in with our Crazy Forts set, he went right in and sat there giggling about his new found hiding spot.

Cars and various other toys were soon brought in to his "dojo", and then he was in fort playing bliss for quite some time. And with the detachable lights, he was able to see what he was doing a lot better. Since then we have built several different forts; including a tunnel, a castle, a cottage, and other made up buildings. It is so fun and so simple, and what's even better is that he will use this toy for years to come.

The only complaint I have about it is that it doesn't have a carrying case for the sticks and balls when you aren't using them. I'm going to have to go get some Rubbermaid containers or something. Otherwise pieces get lost and I have to go searching for them.

If your kid loves building forts, I recommend getting the Crazy Forts set. Maybe even a couple (which I'm contemplating doing), so you can build bigger and grander forts. It is worth every penny and your child will absolutely love you :) Here's the link:

If you click on the 'Where to Buy' section, it will give you a list of retailers near you, as well as online retailers (found at the bottom of the list that tells you about stores near you)

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