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pbs kids review

Today's review is for a Sid the Science Kid DVD Package ($40) from PBS Kids:

a. Sid the Science Kid: Change Happens
b. Sid the Science Kid: The Bug Club
c. Dive Olly Dive: Ship Shape Sub

I have to admit, the first couple of times that I watched Sid the Science Kid, I wasn't in love. I'm not one for kid shows usually. But after awhile, it really has grown on me. It's not something I would just sit and watch for hours on end, but it doesn't bug me or irritate me (like some kids shows can, I won't name any names.....) Which that alone gives it two thumbs up from me. The most important aspect, though, is that Calvin LOVES it.

He at first didn't take a lot of interest either, he would watch a little bit and then go on his way. But now that he's older, he adores it. He may not understand all the fantastic educational stuff that they are teaching (though I do, and that's another part about it that makes me happy), but he will soon enough. In the meantime he enjoys the music, the happy kids, and he especially loves when they have animals or bugs on there.

And I had never watched Dive Olly Dive before, but it is also a fun show that Calvin can't get enough of, mainly because he adores fish and underwater things. So the whole time he's watching he's pointing at the screen saying "fishy".

Both of these shows are fantastic, fun, and educational; the perfect combination for little minds. I definitely suggest that if you have little kids, you introduce them to these great shows. They will absolutely love them!

Here's the link for more info on these shows, as well as others from PBS Kids:

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Serendipity is Sweet said...

We love PBSKids around here. Good Stuff!

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