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jcpenney review

Today's review is for a $100 Gift Card from JCPenney!
(Please note that this is a Review Only, not a giveaway)

Firstly, I have to tell you how much I honestly LOVE JCPenney. I love their clothing, their home decor items, and especially their incredible sales. They always seem to have a sale going on, which honestly is what keeps me coming back for more. Because there are a lot of stores that have nice clothing, but I can't afford it; so I don't go to them. JCPenney is easily affordable, and affordable with style. So I always seem to find myself wandering in there to see what new sales they have going on, then coming out with some fab finds.

When I got the chance to give my husband a $100 gift card for JCPenney's 'From Slob to Suave' promotion, I was very excited. He has been in need of new clothes for awhile now, and I knew this would help him feel so much better about himself. So off we went shopping, and we were able to get him 5 shirts (2 polos and 3 tees), 2 pairs of shorts, and some swim shorts. Which I think is amazing for only $100.

The clothing fits well, looks awesome, is high quality, and has definitely helped him get some more confidence. Plus he can mix and match them all for several different outfits. We are both very happy with his new wardrobe, and will of course be going back to JCPenney for more clothing soon!

P.S. For the 'From Slob to Suave' pictures, we decided to have a little fun. See below :)

I will always happily recommend JCPenney to anyone I meet. Because it doesn't get better than affordable style :) Here's the link to check them out online, they have some awesome sales going on (though that's really not a surprise!)

Check out these great items from JCPenney!
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17 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I would love to win the $100 JC Penney's Gift Card! Thanks for this opportunity, Katie!

Barb in Jax FL

Pegastar said...

I love JC Penney's Petite department. It's hard for me to find cute, fashionable clothes. I can always find something cute at JCP at a reasonable price!

Anonymous said...

I love JCPenney, too! Great value, even greater sales.

For those who have a card, and don't know - you can use your JCPenney card at CVS & Rite-Aid pharmacies.

Happy shopping!


jeanine peterson said...

was just at jcpenney today looking at the new Cindy Crawford line ...

thx jtrophy at gmail dot com


Denise DiFalco said...

JC Penney has a long wonderful history with our family. I used to beg mom to bring me there to do my school clothes shopping and now a half century later I still love shopping for the grandchildren there! Thank you for the stellar review!

Anonymous said...

I would love to win a Jcpenney gift card!!
thanks for the chance!!

dcg2u said...

I love to shop at JCP and I'd love to win!

avaperry said...

I to love JCPenny's! Their clothes are not only fashionable but very reasonably priced. They will always be #1 in my book! It goes without saying that I really hope to win the $100 gift card.

avaperry said...

I love JCPenny and would love to win a $100 shopping spree!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie, things have been tight this year, so a jcp gift card would be great. As a big guy, it is always where I go to look my best.

Tracy said...

My local JCPenney always has great curtains on sale! I just bought some living room curtains from there! Would love to be entered! Thanks!

pms3237 said...

Jc Penney has a great look. When my sons got married, I found exquisite dresses right off the rack in Penneys. I also have purchased Prom dresses for my grandaughter.

Aisling said...

I'm a wife, mother and grandmother (sister-in-law, cousin and friend) and can find something for everyone at J.C.Penney. I'd love to have a gift certificate to spend.

one6ylady said...

J.C. Penney is my favorite store to shop for clothes for my hubby. It's the only place with quality shirts AND jeans he loves all in one place. I also get all of my son's jeans and his crazy sayings t-shirts there and my daughter loves their jeans too. Count me in on this one.

one6ylady said...

P.S. thanks for making me snort tea out my nose when I saw that hilarious photo of your hubby bumming on the couch with his finger in his nose. I woke up the dog who growled at me. LOL

Theo said...

haha! love the photo shoot, Katie! :)

JEWEL said...

I love to shop at JCP. They have so many popular brands as well as their own brands which are great quality. They have the best selection of childrens clothes, including trendly and classics. Thank you for posting this giveaway.

sleeplessinwisc at gmail dot com

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