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toys and games online review

I try my best to be eco-friendly. I'm not perfect, but if I have a chance for it, I'll take it. So I was very excited to get the chance to review an eco-friendly toy from Toys And Games Online. As soon as I saw the Bunny Hopper Push Toy, I knew I had to have it.

It's bright and fun, it helps your baby learn to walk, it's very high quality, and also it's made from "environmentally friendly rubberwood, non-toxic water-based paints and biodegradable fabrics". And the design that makes the bunnies hop is so simple and ingenious.

Calvin took to it incredibly fast as well. He loves push toys, and couldn't get enough of the bunnies hopping. The only problem I had with him, though, is that he is a little too old for it (one and a half), and he would flip it over to see the underneath; as well as sit on it. I was worried he was going to break it. So I decided to give it to my one year old sister.

Just learning to walk, this was perfect for her. She was able to keep her balance and walk around the house. It didn't take long before she was looking like a pro! In less than a month, she was up and walking by herself. I can't, obviously, let the walker take all the credit, but I know it helped.

This is definitly a toy that I will recommend if you have a baby that is just learning to walk, or on the verge of it. So if you have fallen in love with it as much as I did, head on over to Toys And Games Online. They are offering free shipping on the bunny hopper!

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