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umi shoes review

Today's review is for a pair of Astro shoes in Chocolate from UMI Shoes! (arv $63)

Calvin and I both completely fell in love with his first pair of shoes he received from UMI, the Sail sandles. They were soft and comfortable, and incredibly cute. But unfortunately he grew out of them (though my husband wants to get them bronzed since they were the only shoes Calvin would wear for months)

So I was so excited to get to review another pair. The Astro shoes are not only way cute and stylish, but comfortable, and very high quality. The stitching is amazing, all the materials and high end. I can tell these shoes were built to last (which is good considering how Calvin is always on the go).

These shoes are perfect for casual or dressy (he wears them during the week, and to church). Really, they are a style that fits into almost any setting. I also love how easy they are to put on, just velcro and go :)

UMI Shoes is one of my favorite places to go to for shoes for Calvin. You really can't beat their quality and style. If you are looking for some new shoes for your baby or child, whether for school or just for the upcoming winter, I suggest you head on over to UMI Shoes and see all the fab choices they have. I'm sure you'll find something you like :) Here's the link:

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