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SkitterToys Review Part 1

Today's review is for a yellow Skitter Car from Skitter Toys! (arv $55.95)

We have had quite awhile to thoroughly test out the Skitter Car; it's quality, it's durability, it's ease of use, and of course, it's fun factor. We also got the chance to review it with it's regular wheels, and then the upgraded wheels. This review is for the regular wheels, and soon I will have the review up for the upgraded wheels. (That one will include a video!)

I honestly can't tell you how fun this little car is. Not only does Calvin love it, but Aaron and I love it, and our friends and family love it as well. (Everytime our friends come over they have to ride it around, lol) I was very surprised to see that it was able to hold the weight of my husband, as well as our guy friends that are all over the weight limit. (The weight limit on it is 150lbs.) I wanted to really test out it's durability, and it more than passed the test. They were able to ride around on it with the same ease that I was.

It's very simple to use, just sit, put your feet up on the feet pads, and steer the wheel. It doesn't take long to learn how to move the wheel in order to move forward and to turn. It definitely moves easier on smooth surfaces, like wood or tiled floors. Moving you forward like you're on a slanted surface, even though you aren't. And takes a little more work in parking lots and other places with rough surfaces.

Calvin is too young to really undestand how to use the wheel, so as you can see, he scoots with his feet. But he doesn't mind at all. He absolutely adores his car, and even though he also has a smaller car that fits him better; he prefers to use the Skitter Car, and have us use his tiny car, lol.

So after a couple months of using it non-stop, and testing weight limits, different surfaces, etc; I can definitely vouch for the fact that the Skitter Car is durable, fun, and worth every penny. Christmas is coming up soon, and I think this would be an awesome present for your kids. Who wouldn't love this? (Heck, we use it just as much as Calvin does! It's a great toy for the whole family) And for the price, you really can't beat it. I highly recommend it; if I didn't have one already, and knew what I knew about it, I would buy it in a second.

Keep a lookout for my next review on the Skitter Car involving their upgraded wheels! In the meantime, head on over to Skitter Toys and get one for yourself! You'll be surprised at how much fun this toy has to offer! Here's the link:

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3 Thoughts:

Michelle said...

I'm pretty sure I could fit one of those! looks like fun. If I'd enjoy it I know my nieces and nephews would. Really nice review, thanks!

free indeed said...

What a cool concept. I have a son with 4 boys all under 5....I think they would all love this toy...I'll think on it for a possibility for Christmas...THanks

Theo said...

he is truly adorable and happy! beautiful baby! :)

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